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Cooling melon shake

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Today is probably the record heat for summer 2013 in Stockholm and I celebrate with a cooling melon shake 😉 I did this recently and sat in the sun and just took it easy, nice to have weekend!

This melon shake is something that only cools the body and head like a hot summer day! It contains only fruit that contains a lot of liquid so it also keeps your body hydrated, which is important! This shake is pretty easy and does not saturate as much as a regular smoothie so it’s more just a cool drink 🙂 It’s more than easy to do so feel free to test this recipe. Do not be discouraged by the color 😉

Got questions for the recipe so here it comes:

Recipe for a refreshing melon shake:

  • 1/2 honeydew melon
  • 15 g fresh baby spinach (about a handful)
  • 1/4 banana or 1 tablespoon honey or stevia
  • ice

Proceed as follows:

1. Scoop out honeydew melon and place in a blender (remove seeds first). Add the spinach, banana and even 6-8 cubes.

2. Mix everything well. Pour into a fancy glass, garnish with a melonbit and some ice cubes! Ready to serve 😀

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