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My first job day!

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Hello to you all!

Today I had the first job day and has recently come home! It went well I think and it was really fun, very nice that it is so close to my home too: D Super Nice weather it well and it’s a good day today 🙂

I’ll just take a shower and then I run off to meet up with two friends Caroline and Vicky for some coffee, cozy! Then after that I’ll meet up with Bianca who’s gonna sleep at my place tonight!

Today I have a day of rest and running again on Saturday when there is fitness related, at last rest day, I just say, have a pain everywhere  😉 But it is the over quickly. Tomorrow I’ll even to the hospital to do some tests, I’m apparently allergic to anything that makes me sneeze all the time, annoying but good to find out what caused it so it is probably good. I’m pretty scared of needles so thats why I should have Bianca with me !

Wish you all a nice day out in the sun 😀

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