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Home from work!


Hello to you all!

Monday again and the new week, nice 🙂 This week I will be busy considering I started my job today! : D I think it’s super fun and it’s good to have new experiences and earn some of my own money! My first real job 🙂

Anyway, I’ve just come home from work now, working only half day today, 6-10, went fine! But tomorrow begins first real day when I work 6:15 to 14:00! May seem early but I think it’s nice to finish early in the day so you have time for other things.

Later in the evening today, I run Bodypump if I’m not going to take blood samples today! Has to me that you should not train the same day you have taken blood tests, otherwise I blood sample during my rest day on Friday so I do not skip your workout 😀

Wishing you all a nice Monday

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