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Today’s cardio done!


Picture of me from today’s cardio!

Ahh, finally back home, tired and full, just ate my post workout lunch and taking it easy, nice 😀

Today was it that said cardio for me and it worked out, ran on fairly well and had a very high heart rate during the entire time, which was great! Felt good to get training again after my 2 day rest. I burned about 520 calories and this is what I did today:

Today’s cardio:

  • 5-minute power walk (7.5 km / h)
  • 20 minutes of running without stopping (10.5 to 11 km / h)
  • 10 minutes inervaller (13.5 to 14 km / h)
  • 15 minutes of cross training
  • 30 second intervals on the bike x 4 (resistance 13)
  • Oblique crunch with TRX 15 x 3
  • Crunch 35 kg 15 x 3
  • Stretch the entire body

Here’s how todays cardio looked like, as always I did some stomach exercises as well. Now I’ll just take it easy and enjoy this Saturday 😀

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