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15,918 steps!

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Yes! Today was a pretty calm day at work but I still walked 15,918 steps during 6 hours when I’m at work! Maybe it doesn’t sound that much but the average steps for an entire day for a person is around 10,000 so I walks pretty much during one day! And this was just when I was at work and not the walk from and to the bus etc. 😀 So I’m always very tired in both legs and feets when I get home from work and especially after I ran 8 km or so after work.

I did this fun calculation and here’s the result:

Steps during a day: 15,918

Steps during one hour: 2653

Steps during one minute: 44

A bit funny for me 😉 To walk 44 steps each minute for 6 hours is pretty exhausting and I really uses my legs to the limits sometimes.

Anyway, I’m pretty soon off to a driving course in the town so I cant stay home any longer. So I’ll update more tonight 🙂

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