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My workout routine in the gym


Many have wondered what my workout routine is when I train in the gym!

For the most part and I do cardio workouts but also muscle building too!

Here I describe a typical round can look for me at the gym (depends on how I feel or if I have time, etc.):

Cardio workout:

Bicycle 10 minutes warming

Cross Training machine until I burned 200 calories, (I go by how many calories I burned, and not the time when I make fitness)

Spring Band until I burned 300 calories, running around on speed 11-12 km / h (varies greatly depending on how I feel, etc.)

Stomach exercises:

Plank for stomach one minute x 2

“Mountain Climber” 30 leg kicks total (15 exercises for each leg) x 2

“Heels to the sky” 30 small pulses up x 2

The side plank about 1 min on each side

Situps about 50 pieces x 2

Leg / butt exercises:

Squats with a jump 30 pcs x 2

Toe plaice – outcome 30 x 3 (a really good exercise to train the inner thigh gap)

Curtsying outcomes on each leg 30 exercises total (15 on each leg)

“heel” pulse 60 exercises total (30 on each leg) (exercise the thighs inside)

Enbens squats 10 x 2

Arm exercises:

Triceps push-ups about 10  x 2

Pushups about 20

Bicep Exercise about 15 x 2 with 6 kg (3kg dumbbell in each hand)

I end with stretch for my entire body  : D

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