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Why drink water?

Why drink water?

Many people drink too little water, fluid deficiency is reinforced by the different drugs that one might assume to be diuretic in itself. Coffee, alcohol, soft drinks mf. are no good sources to deliver optimal fluid. Drink clean water instead. Many do not seem to understand the great impact water has on your body and how important it is to drink plenty of water regularly!

Here is a small list of why to drink water! : D

  • Water needful for the body to function optimally, liver, kidneys, digestive system, joints etc.
  • Water needful to supply nutrients and oxygen to cells, regulation of body temperature, blood transport and body PH.
  • Water improves concentration and stamina. Water needful for the body and muscle recovery during exercise
  • Water improves energy uptake and burning of calories, leading to weight loss.
  • Wa increases satiety, reduces hunger. Exepelvis Drink 2 glasses of water before meals.
  • Water needful for the body’s natural purification. Water removes toxins (toxin) and the combustion products of various kinds through the body purification means.
  • Water reduces the effects of stress and fatigue
  • Water provides natural beauty of the body and is good for your skin and your hair!

What can happen if you don’t drink enough water?

  • Low water consumption can easily lead to constipation.
  • Low water consumption leads to fatigue, poor intelligence, concentration, and performance. Only a few percent water gets us out of balance and impair the body’s functionality. At 10% water suffer easily from heat stroke, 20% water leads to dehydration of the body and finally death.
  • Low water consumption impairs fat metabolism and reduces muscle building in the body and breaks down muscle.
  • Low water consumption is considered by some to be a major root cause of a number of diseases such as stomach ulcers, intestinal diseases mf.
  • A sign of unnaturally high water are frequent dry mouth.
  • Low water consumption can also trick the body into feeling hungry.
  • Note Alcohol and coffee are liquid ejection which leads to dehydration

So now you know the main important water is for your body and how it contributes a large positive effect on your training! Fancy a glass of water perhaps? 😉



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