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Sushi wholesome or not?

Are sushi really that wholesome as people have thought? Let’s find out:

Sushi contains sushirise thats made out of white rise and some kind of fluid that is mixed with the rise, that makes it sticky. The fish is very wholesome with lots of good fats and omega 3 that’s good for our bodies and brains. Unfortunately the rise doesn’t contain the same.

The rice is white and so-called sushi rice is cooked and then cools down and mixed with a liquid. The fluid is what makes the sushi stick together and formed. The thing with the rise is that the rice is white and you’re getting a large amount of white carbs but that becomes less significant because this fluid contains large amounts of sugar and preservatives. Yes, sugar which is not at all healthy.

We can take an example of the most common piece of them all, salmon:

It contains about:

67 kcal

3.5 g of protein

6.5 g carbs

3 g fat.

It does not sound like much, but for a hole plate with 10 pieces you get:

488 kcal,

30 g protein

65 g Carbohydrates

12 g fat.

How many carbohydrates from white rice and sugar from the liquid makes sushi to a carbohydrate bomb with bad carbohydrates. Of course it’s okay to eat once in a while in moderation, but you can also make your own Suhsi healthier!

  • Make your own sushi at home, there are to buy all the ingredients to common ICA
  • Take out brown rise, bulgur, etc. instead of the white rice
  • If you want the gluten-free, you can use the cooked grated cauliflower

These are my tips to eat it in amore healthier way!

Good luck 😀

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