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Okay to enjoy?

I often get questions about if it’s okay to enjoy things sometimes, like candy, pastries etc. That is of course up to each individual person and how strict you are with yourself but my answer is yes. I think everything in moderation is okay, and that it’s okay to enjoy an ice cream etc. once in a while. If you eat wholesome foods and workout regularly that little treat wont effect your body. I usually treat myself with froyo, an regular ice cream or some kind of muffin!

Of course nothing is good if you over consume it, even not healthy things,  so therefore I write that everything is okay in MODERATION. It’s good to eat various foods and meals for both your body, and it much more funnier than just eat the same old things. It’s very easy to get stuck to the same old easy habits but try to change that if you noticed it. I for example sometimes eat too much fruits and eggs. But I trying to change that and its going okay!

So, so finish it all up, yes it’s okay to enjoy, no it won’t effect your body if you do it in moderation and have a regular workout schedule and yes, even I enjoy sometimes! Don’t over think everything just go with the flow 😉 Hope you’ll learned something about from this post!

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