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Just the other day i found out that the swedish website  had open a store in Sweden, Stockholm quite near were I live! That made me so happy and I almost were too excited when I got there, just wanted to buy the hole store or something 😉 I just got that adrenaline kick, but luckily I had my two friends Olivia and Bianca with me so I didn’t buy more than what I actually needed 😉 Here is some general information about the Whey-80 Stevia protein powder I bought:

Scandinavia’s best selling protein powder Whey-80 is now available in a version that is sweetened with natural glykosoider from the plant stevia! Contains only natural dyes! Whey-80 Stevia suits those who want to avoid artificial additives and want a drink that is not quite as sweet as protein powder with intense artificial sweeteners. Whey-80 Stevia contains natural whey protein concentrate containing beta-lactoglobulin, alpha-lactalbumin, glycomacropeptid, immunoglobulins, lactoferrin and albumin. The powder is microfiltered, installation antiserum and flavored for the best nutritional content, solubility and taste.

Nutrition content ( per 30 g, one portion):

Calories: 118

Carbohydrates: 1,2 g

Protein: 22,5 g

Fat: 2,5 g 

I also got some questions about the protein powder so I decided to answer all the  questions here so that everybody can participate in them!

Do they ship to any other country than Sweden? 

Yes, they ships to Sweden, Norway, Germany, Finland and Denmark.

How many calories does it contain?

Look in the nutrition content above!

What does it cost?

It cost 159 swedish crones / Whey-80 stevia bag. And the shaker cost 89 swedish crones

Is there a difference between this and the regular Whey-80 protein powder?

Yes there is, because this one is sweetened with Stevia it contains lesser calories, no sugar and lesser carbohydrates.

Is there any taste difference?

No there is not! I first thought that it would be some difference but it does taste like the regular protein powder, except maybe not that sweet as the regular one! But that is no problem with me, I actually like this one better!


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