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Garmin FR70

Many people have been interested in the Heart rate watch I uses every time in the gym! So I decided to write about the watch here and what I think about it! 🙂

Garmin FR70:

My watch comes from the big brand Garmin that is specialized in sport watches, GPS and other general equipment for sports. They have many watches that is based on: gender, price, model, size and operation depending on what suits you! This I love about Garmin because they have a big number of range of their products! Anyway, I’m going to tell you about my watch called FR70 ( the woman model).

Garmin FR70 has the ability to register calories, pulse and time! What is good with this model is that it doesn’t have GPS which I enjoy because I can workout at the gym and count the calories I burn without having any connection to a satellite. I had one watch from Garmin before that had GPS in it, and I couldn’t workout at indoor because of that! Of course you don’t need the GPS to walk/run outside but it’s if you want to see the distance! But it’s possible to register the distance with this watch as well but then you need to buy an footpad and connect it to the watch.

FR70 is a simple and small watch that has a nicely look, it’s very easy to handle and is not complicated at all! 😀 A watch doesn’t have to be complicated to be good. During your workout you can always look at the calories you burn, time and heart rate and you don’t need to turn it off just to see, it’s very simple.

If you do cross-training some bicycles have the ability to actually connect this Garmin FR70 to your bicycle that can count distance, good huh?! Also all the watches from Garmin can transfer the data collection into a diagram by downloading a program form free from their website. This is very smart to have a knowledge of how many calories you burn for example a month or so. I use this program and I like it a lot.

How dos the watch count the calories?

Well, this is actually very simple, with the watch you also get a heart rate monitor band that i attached to your chest while you’re working out. This way the monitor is close to your heart and can easily count your heart rate. The first time you turn the watch it will inquire information about yourself, such as: age, gender, length, weight, regular to exercising etc. By having this information and knowing your heart rate the watch will know how many calories you burn at each certain heart rates. If you for ex. have heart rate 190 which is high cardio exercising you’ll burn a lot more calories than if you do regular muscle exercises! It’s very simple but very smart!

What is the price and where can i buy it?

The price is about 1300 swedish crones ( that represents about 150 euros or 205 dollars). This is quite cheap for a Garmin watch, the other ones are more expensive than this one. If you think this is too much money for a watch of course their are cheaper watches from other nice big brands like Polar or Outnorth etc. The best thing is to take what feels best for you! Garmin is a big brand famous all over the world so their watches are selling everywhere! In local sport shops and if yo can’t find it, then go to their website where you can order any of their products!

What type of exercise are this model suited  for?

Now I’m going to make you happy, this model is suited for ALL kinds of workouts! Running, bicycling, cross training etc. you name it! As already said the watch count your calories depending on what type of heart rate you have so all kinds of workouts is fine! I use it all the time for every type of workouts!

Why should I use a watch when I have the calories I burned in-front of me on the exercising machine?

Well, this answer is simple! THE EXERCISING MACHINEs DOSEN’T SUIT YOUR BODY! The machines in the gym does count the calories you burn while you for ex. are running on the treadmill but unfortunately this number can be false. The machines are adjusted after a certain ind of gender, weight and hight. This might not be the right information about you. If you for example weighs 70 kg and the machine is adjusted to suit a person that weighs 80 kg, the calorie amount will be higher on the machine than what is actually is for you! I’m not saying that the machine CAN’T be the right for you, but you can never be completely sure. The machine doesn’t even take your heart rate, which is what the watches depending on while you exercises!


( Sorry for the horrible picture)

This is an example when I was running on the treadmill the other day! See that I have burned 106 calories, but the machine said that I have burned 130 calories! This is because the machine was adjusted to a person that weighs more than me! this was only in the beginning of my intervals and the more minutes you spend on the machine, the larger difference is will be!

Hope this has been any help to you guys and that this post have made thing a little clearer! 😀

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