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Answers for some of the most asked questions


Many people have started to ask the same questions to me so I will answer them here so everybody can take part of it 🙂

How do I get fit and healthy?

Well, that is not really a question that has an direct answer beacuse it depends mostly if you have decided to accomplish your goal or not. But of course I can help you on the way with motivation and examples of healthy food! Many people say to me that they give up and starts over all the time. remember that you will have bad moments when you will want to give up, but don’t! Believe me you will feel so much stronger if you for ex resisted that bag of chips or draged yourself to the gym even though it rained outside. Your can do it! 😀

What kind of workouts is the best to lose weight?

First of all remember all workouts are good but of course there are some that will increase your result faster than others! I always recommend workouts were you get a high pulse and that you can feel that your body is working. All kinds of cardio workouts does this for your body! Many people in the beginning of their workout feels that its tuff and they cant push through the workout. The absolute best way to increase your condition is to get a very high pulse fast then rest it down with an slower workout! An good example of this kind of workout is intervals! I usually count 40 pulse beat between my highest and lowest workout pulse. For me it’s 195 when I run, and then I stop and walk until I have 150 in pulse! I repeat this exercise perhaps 15 times or so depending on how much I can take! Remember the pulse if different for every person so if you are going to do this, try whats feels the best for you and your body!

What kind of exercise do you d0?

I does many different kind of workouts but I always do some kind of cardio workout because I think that is the most funniest! Some of my classes on my gym that I go to is for ex: Crosstraining, core pulse, NTC and power step! All of these classes are tuff and in my opinion very funny! In the gym were I spend most of my workout hours I do count calories and not time! So I do everything of each until I have reached an calorie amount that I’m satisfied with. I usally do: running, spinning, abs, core pulse and cross training machine.

I never have time for exercise, what can I do?

Actually almost everybody have time for 1 hour of workout every day! One hour of workout is 4% of an hole day and you can make time for that! If you really feel that you can’t workout for 60 minutes then just do 30 minutes! It’s always better to do just a little workout than nothing! Everybody have rather school or job to focus on as well but if you plan well and have your focus on the right thing at the right time, you’ll have time for that hour  of workout and be satisfied with that!

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