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Healthy passionfruit frozen yoghurt!

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(Not a super good looking picture)

Yum, this is really super good, and I’m eating this right now 😀 I threw together this yesterday and it really tastes like plain frozen yoghurt that you can buy solid but it’s even healthier! My own frozen yoghurt is made from the fruit, sprinkle stevia and Turkish yogurt. Simple, easy and delicious! 😀

It requires no ice cream machine, additives or preservatives, but it’s clean products that anyone can do at home.

Recipe for healthy passionfruit frozen yoghurt:

  • Turkish yoghurt
  • Passion fruit
  • Stevia sprinkle

Proceed as follows:

1. I didn’t use any measurements, I tasted my way quite easily! Start by taking a bowl pour the yogurt, stevia and scoop out passion fruit.

2. If you do not want seeds, you can strain them which I did, but obviously you do not need it. Mix everything together well.

3. Freeze in freezer for about 2-3 hours and enjoy 😀

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