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Today’s breakfast

bild kopia


This is how today’s breakfast looked like, low fat quark with fresh strawberries, grapes, banana and flaxseeds with some scrambled eggs and coffee on the side. This is definitely my new favorite breakfast because it reminds and tastes like the summer, I just want some sun now! Although today were the first sunny day in Stockholm for several weeks, which is always something. Hopefully the snow will start to melt pretty soon.

Today I’ve been to the store for some grocery shopping with a friend and cleaned the house, quite fun when you are 2 persons though, everything is funnier when you aren’t alone! Hope you’ll have an lovely day with lots off fun and enjoy the last day of the weekend before a new week is starting again. Hopefully I’ll get better soon and can start working out this week, I’ve been sick many times lately, but I already feel a little better!

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