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Today’s breakfast


Good morning readers,

Hope you woke up with a smile on your face, at least I did because it’s sunny outside and I think I’m heathy enough to go to the gym tonight! Every monday is my favorite gym day, since I take 2 classes and is in the gym, but the classes on mondays are my very favorite as well. I first take a 55 minutes strength class Bodypump, then I hit the gym for 30 minutes for some power walk on the treadmill, and last but not least another 55 minutes cardio class called Corepulse. It’s going to be a lot of fun 😀

As you see in the picture above this was today’s breakfast , I still enjoys these new breakfasts I started with, and I always are longing for the breakfast when I wake up in the mornings. Todays breakfast contained:

1. Low fat natural yoghurt

2. Fresh chopped strawberries

3. Fresh chopped mango

4. Fresh chopped kiwi.

Perfect combination for the taste and the vitamins. I also had a big glass of water and a cup of coffee with that.

I wish you all will have have a wonderful day! 😀

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