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Thigh gap, can everyone achieve it?

A large estate nowadays is thigh gap! The word “thigh gap” is an English word that means to simply have a space between their thighs even though you are standing with your feet together. Many say that if you do not have thigh gap, one is thick, which is COMPLETELY WRONG! I get so disappointed and sorry for such people who just make their own conclusions and then judge all others by their own opinion, and the worst thing of all is that people listen and believe that it is true.

So, anyone can have thigh gap? The answer is NO. All may not actually have thigh gap how much they may try to work out or go on a strict diet. It has only a little with the percentage of fat you have on your body, but certainly it’s about what kind of structure you have on your hips. The image below describes it all very good.


So it is mostly about the kind of structure you have on your hips. But what I do not understand most of all is that people actually believe that it is this that determines if a person is beautiful, stylish, fine or whatever. This has NOTHING to do with it and I can promise you that people are so busy thinking about how they themselves seem to not think of anyone else. Of course you can lose more fat around the thighs if you’re trying to lose weight, but how much depends on the type of structure you have.

I for example have my structure built on “narrow hip bones” as the picture above shows, and I can not wear thigh gap. I’ve never had this either so I know I can but it’s not something I think about because I do not think a small gap between the thighs matter so much.

Instead of thinking about it and be sad be proud of yourself! This is how you look and there’s no reason not to like about the way your bone structure is built on because it does not matter 🙂

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